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Letter from CEO

Dear Guests,

Thank you for visiting Diplomat Hotels and welcome to our new website. This year marks our company’s 22nd anniversary. It has been a long and beautiful journey so far and I would like to take a moment to thank you for your support and continuous feedback. Since we were founded in 1993, we have been committed to make possible you find a sense of belonging in our hotels. Our approach has always been customer oriented, hence, we have continuously worked to improve our infrastructure, our services & facilities, and the impact our business has on the environment and the community around us.

Having mentioned the environment and the community, I would like to stop and dedicate a minute also to the fact that we are green. During this year, we introduced the solar panels in both our hotels. This new milestone is really important to us as we have added a new value to our business, our people and to you that embrace our philosophy. We are proud to contribute to a better environment and treat environmental sustainability as an essential element of the present and the future.

We keep moving forward and sharing the passion of caring about you.
As a CEO, and as one of the first employees of Diplomat Hotels, I wish you have a pleasant stay with us!

Warm regards,
Mirjana Kuka


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Tirana from air

Tirana, kryeqyteti i Shqipërisë, xhiruar me dron nga Bledi Strakosha Media nga lartësi si kurrë më parë me teknologjinë 4K Ultra HD. Xhirimet janë kryer vetëm në zonat qëndrore të Tiranës. © Copyright Bledi Strakosha Media 2015
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Indrit Çela

– Hello Indrit! Every our client loves your pastas !! What is your secret?

It’s all about that taste… I like experimenting but on the other hand, I do not change the originality of the receipt. I prefer using and combining spices and fresh herbs that turn any taste into a special one.

– Seems that together with Alfio, you are turning Diplomat Restaurant into one of the most preferred restaurants in the city. Can you briefly describe the philosophy in the kitchen of Diplomat Hotel?

Originality, creativity, and passion for cuisine are the fundamentals of our philosophy. The whole team shares every idea for the sake of creating something special for our clients. In our philosophy, any idea is a good idea.

– What does it take to be a good Chef?

Personally, I believe in two simple things.
First, you need to love and adore what you do.
Secondly, you have to devote much of your time to learn and create because at the end of the day, this is all what counts.

Alfio Rrotani

– Hello Alfio! You are the winner of the first competitive cooking show known as Master Chef Albania. That is definitely a very high achievement. What pushed you to become a Chef?

Everything started when I was very young, I think 5 or 6 if I am not wrong, and my parents used to work in two different jobs. I and my sister were constrained to cook for ourselves. On the other hand, in school the only class I was fully immersed into was painting because i really loved it. When I was about to finish the 8th grade, I had a very interesting conversation with the psychologist of our school. I told him that I wanted to become a painter but he argued that I had to choose the culinary school as a form of art that promised also a career. From that day, the rest is history!

– You were grown up and educated in Italy. You also worked there for several years in many well known restaurants. Tell us about the moment when you decided to return in Albania.

I have always dreamt to turn back in Albania and create a value in my country from I have learnt for many years in Italy. In september of 2013, while I was for vacations in Tirana. Masterchef Albania had already started the selection of the candidates that were then part of the competition. All my friends and relatives were pushing me to apply and give it a shot to win this famous TV show. After 9 very intensive months of challenges and strong emotions, I won the competition and decided to stay in Tirana to continue my dream.

– You are a very important team member of our company. Why did you choose Diplomat Restaurant ?

I had a really interesting conversation with Mirjana Kuka, our CEO. She is a very charismatic person, and I noticed that we had many things in common on our first meeting. I chose Diplomat Hotel and Restaurant because of its long history and the very well known reputation in Albania.

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